THE FLIGHT OF SLEIPNIR - Skadi, Box set (die hard edition)

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Limited "die hard" box edition.

Following on the heels of the 2014 album 'V', the 6th full length 'Skadi' shows the Colorado individualists The Flight of Sleipnir more focused and settled. Taking inspiration from earlier recordings which work as the creative drive, they forge their trademark sounds ahead once again in Nordic spiked splendour wrapped in a new life-form. 'Skadi' creates another extraordinary venture, full of extreme metal and polarizing tension. There is a certain fresh simplicity in structure, though the further you delve in, the more complex and soaring it becomes. From pulsing waves of doom & stoner, decorative rock and prog to expanding glances into folk spiked with black metal-esque sparks. Whether you consume it at an intimate campfire or throughout stormy evenings, with ‘Skadi’ they have created one of their most passionate and artistic recordings to date.

1. Awaken  
2.Tenebrous Haze  
3. Earthen Shroud
5.Falcon White

Format: Box (album + extras)
Packaging: Deluxe hardcover box with golden print on black art-paper and inside flooded in black. Includes the Gatefold LP edition with 24" x 24" poster on black wax, Gatefold CD with poster-booklet, slipmat, and 4 handnumbered/signed artprints with exclusive design by David Csicsely.
Cat.Nr.: Eisen118-Box
Limitation: 100
Barcode: N/A
Release date: May 12th, 2017
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