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Ltd. tape by Haeresis Noviomagi: Multicolor risograph printed cover on heavy stock, includes hand-numbered poppy flower seed paper insert. Bury the insert paper under 5mm dirt and put it on your windowsill. Water a little every day and plant during the spring when the flower seeds have germinated.

From the beginning, Fluisteraars has been known to experiment with the influences of psychedelic folk. On ‘Bloem’, this input is lifted into a realm of psyched-out rural black metal mysticism. In parts reminding the listener of old psychedelic rock by the likes The Electric Prunes, the minimal but extremely effective orchestration in some parts even touches on a production style reminiscent of Lee Hazlewood. However, what Fluisteraars offer here are not the very long and drawn-out compositions by which they are perhaps more well known, but captivating and moving songs, nowhere crossing the eight-minute mark.

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