HELTEKVAD - Morgenrødens Helvedesherre, Ltd.DigiCD

HELTEKVAD - Morgenrødens Helvedesherre, DigiCD

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Limited Digipak CD

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 The debut full-length of Denmark's promising purveyors of truly Medieval Black Metal, Formed in 2020, Heltekvad is a three-piece featuring members of some of Denmark's finest recent acts such as Afsky, Solbrud, Sunken and Morild.

 While the sound of Heltekvad certainly shares the passion on display in the aforementioned projects - no doubt a result of the shared members behind each entity - what sets them apart is their approach to songwriting and crafting truly medieval soundscapes. This is partially shown through the medieval instrumental interludes, which are tastefully scattered across "Morgenrødens Helvedesherre", but more fully embodied by the epic, at times even heroic sounding melodies carried by the guitars.

There is an element of unbridled wilderness to be found on these seven tracks, each one containing interesting twists and turns that are sure to keep listeners returning for repeat listens. Tracklist: Morgenrødens åbenbaring Ærbødig er den som sejrer Ved sværdets klinge skal du forgå Eder og hæder Fornægter din æt Du skæbnesvangre stund Døden står ved himlens borg

Product Info

Format CD (album)
Packaging 4-panel Digipak, accompanied by a 12-page booklet including lyrics & artwork. Also includes designed download card for the digital album.
Cat.Nr. Eisen201
Limitation 500 copies
Barcode 4260393744424
Release date March 25th, 2022

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