Mana Nexus - Arboreal Hypnagogia, CDr w Leaf Paper Insert (SKP)

Mana Nexus - Arboreal Hypnagogia, CDr

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Arboreal Hypnagogia, the debut 2024 album by one-man atmospheric black metal project Mana Nexus, delves into the profound interplay between humanity and nature. Through the combination of melodic electric guitars, acoustic interludes and ambient soundscapes, each track captures the eerie beauty of forests at twilight, evoking a hypnotic journey through realms where the earthly and the ethereal converge.

1. By The Will of the Sylvan Enticer

2. Arboreal Hypnagogia

3. Seasonal Rebirth

4. A Song for the Spirits of Hurricane Ridge

5. The Hum Which Haunts This Somber Swamp

6. Windfallen

7. Screeching Earth (CD Exclusive Bonus Track)

Product Info

Format CDr (album)
Packaging Comes in a classic jewel case. Includes a natural leaf paper insert with lyrics.
Release date July 12th, 2024

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