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Deluxe Digipak CD with fold-out poster booklet.

THE FLIGHT OF SLEIPNIR are one of the metal underground's most unique and consistently compelling bands. Forming in Colorado in 2007, this hydra-headed ensemble has built an always adventurous canon that defies easy categorization but always is in service of The Muse. For them - and, of course, suggested by their moniker itself - THE FLIGHT OF SLEIPNIR's creation stemmed from a desire to explore ethereal and progressive sounds with themes that reflect upon the rich literature of ancient Scandinavia. On their vast canvas do they paint with tones of doom, prog, black metal, folk, post-rock, and even country.

Arguably the band's starkest and sparsest work to date, Eventide is an audial rumination on the vast mysteries of nighttime. Its cover depiction of the stars and nightingale are visual springboards for where THE FLIGHT OF SLEIPNIR whisk the listener into the sprawling beyond of sleep and darkness, of dreams and impossibility; Eventide's artwork suitably keeps apace with the band's continually elegant standards of visual presentation, always delivered by founding drummer/vocalist David Csicsely.


1. Voland (07:32)

2. January (06:44)

3. Thaw (06:28)

4. Bathe the Stone in Blood (08:06)

5. Harvest (07:54)

6. Servitude (07:37)

Product Info

Format CD (album)
Packaging 4-panel digipak, with 12-page fold-out poster booklet
Cat.Nr. Eisen146
Barcode 4260393743007
Release date May 28, 2021

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