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"The sword struck home on helmet and shield, from our wounds sprang forth the warm wet blood; our foes were left for birds of prey."

Ubbe & Visbur's self titled album takes the listener on a journey through ancient nordic sagas. From the life and times of Ragnar Lodbrok to the tragedy of Balder and beyond - what lies ahead when the world tree falls?

With the unique mixture of traditional folk instrumentation and grim vocals, Ubbe & Visbur deliver half an hour of ritualistic viking music. Fill up your drinking horns and get ready for a journey through vast fjords and ice cold waters. Heill auk sæl!


1. Ragnars liv 04:40

2. Ragnars död 02:47

3. Hell kung Ragnar 04:15

4. Balders mardröm 04:43

5. Heill Baldr 02:13

6. Og den blodig mistelten 03:05

7. Heill auk sæl 03:09

8. Yggdrasil faller 05:19

Comes in a jewel case and includes a natural leaf paper insert with lyrics. The discs are professionally duplicated CD-Rs with a high quality print.

Produced and released through Savo-Karelian Productions.

Product Info

Format CD-R (album)
Packaging Comes in classic jewel case. Includes a natural real leaf paper insert with lyrics and an album download card.
Release date October, 2023

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