MOSAIC - Harvest, Slipcase CD

MOSAIC - Harvest, Slipcase CD

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Classic Jewel-Case Edition with Slipcase and additional two-sided 24x24cm poster

Harvest is an ode to Valkenstijn's beloved Thuringian homelands. It takes us on a journey through misty woods and foggy nights, when the golden sunlight of late summer must give in to the autumnal cold that starts rising from the ground, when the warmth of summer must yield to the chilling breeze that heralds the end of the year, when the light must give in to the dark.

To complete the autumnal feast the orignal Samhain Celebration song cycle was added, which complements the early material and advance it to a full-length duration. The recordings were thoroughly reinvigorated without losing their original appeal by Valkenstijn in May MMXX at his House of Inkantation.

Product Info

Format CD (album)
Packaging CD in classic jewelcase with slipcase, 8-panel fold-out booklet with all lyrics, exclusive new artwork and additional 24x24cm two-sided poster.
Cat.Nr. Eisen106
Barcode 4260393742383
Release date July 24th, 2020

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