CEREMONIAL CASTINGS - Our Journey Through Forever, 2-MC (Silver)

CEREMONIAL CASTINGS - Our Journey Through Forever, 2-MC (Silver)

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With a career spanning nine full-length albums, a slew of demos, EPs, and splits as well as notable live performances throughout the globe, it is high time for Ceremonial Castings to commemorate 25 years of their existence, a milestone reached in the year 2021. For this occasion, the band has hand-selected and carefully re-recorded 18 of their classic songs, as well as two completely new and previously unreleased instrumentals by Nick Superchi. MC I Come Forth...Damnation Immortal Black Art Our Journey Through Forever My Kingdom of Cold Sorrows I; A Thousand Fires Bewitching Black Metal The Purifier of Battle Pt. I Desecration of Grace The Fall of Man Midnight Deathcult Phenomena MC II Darkness & War Into the Black Forest of Witchery Sweet Misery I Foresee Barbaric is the Beast Frostseasongoddess Human Slave Infantry The Purifier of Battle Pt. II A Serpent's Kiss Universal Funeral March The Coming of Dawn We Fear

Product Info

Format 2-MC (album)
Packaging Double tape in oversize cassette case, full-color cover with flap, also includes album download on designed card.
Cat.Nr. Eisen204
Shell silver, with black ink
Limitation 60 copies
Barcode n/a
Release date March 18th, 2022

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