ORDEAL & PLIGHT - Her Bones in Whispers, LP (Black/White)

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180g vinyl edition, limited color vinyl edition of 200 copies.
Limited EU import stock for the US store.

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Her Bones in Whispers is an album to lie on the floor to. It is not written for parties or other amusements. Neither is it a background soundtrack. It is a record for the single individual in a contemplative state.

“This is how we perceive the sound of the early 2020s” states the collective’s artistic mastermind Stefan Hackländer. With balanced instrumentation, meandering from pure electronica to guitar, bass, and drums – and anything in between – with pure instrumentals and songs with varying vocal contributors Ordeal & Plight transform feelings of sadness, anxiety, and heartbreak into audio. Nevertheless, musical influences can be heard. Stefan Hackländer describes it as “something somewhere between Angst Skvadron, Klaus Schulze and Portishead. A merging of diverse influences that create this musical vortex which we call Ordeal & Plight.”


Format: 12" (album)
Packaging: Solid cover printed on reverse board, LP insert on uncoated thick stock, download of the album on a specially designed card.
Vinyl: black with white blend, 180g
Pressing info: 200 copies
Cat.Nr.: Eisen181
Barcode: 4260393743205
Release date: August 2021
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