GRIFT - Syner, LP (Clear)

GRIFT - Syner, LP

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3rd press. Vinyl color changed due to artist demand from black to clear vinyl.

Limited vinyl edition of the Grift album "Syner" presented in collaboration with Nordvis. Mastered for vinyl by TT (Abigor).

Side A:
1. Aftonlandet
2. Svältorna
3. Det bortvända ansiktet

Side B:
4. Slutet hav
5. Undergörare
6. Eremiten Esaias

Product Info

Format 12" (album)
Packaging solid, reverse board printed sleeve. Thick printed inner sleeve with lyrics and pictures to each song plus A3-sized poster on uncoated paper featuring the owl design of Grift.
Vinyl clear
Limitation 500 (300 first press, black vinyl / 200 identical second press)
Cat.Nr. Eisen096
EAN n/a
Release date November 30th, 2018
(original release date first press January 26th, 2016)

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